Title: Hiring a security company

Making the decision to hire a security company to protect your property or personnel is hard.  There are so many factors that play a part of the decision that one missed question or piece of information could result in the hiring of an unqualified company. 

Many questions you will rea in this post are easily answered by our office personnel and why The Brantly Corporation is the leader in training security officers and providing high level protection to our clients.


Some questions that you need to consider when hiring include:


Is the company local or national?


This is important due to the flexibility a local company or small business can provide you. Although most will not admit it but a small company may provide additional services and consulting without charge if you are their client.  In this case you have to decide if a call center is better than the owner’s number.


Is security the company’s focus?


For most companies in the security industry providing security officers is one part of their overall services.  The Brantly Corporation provides security officers, private investigators, event security, etc.  But what separates us from other firms is that security companies send their officers to us to train. We are registered with the state of Florida to train Unarmed and Armed officers.



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