Looking for your D License (Unarmed)?

You’ve made the decision to become a Security Officer, now what? The first thing you must do is find a certified training facility in the area you are in.  Once you start on this path there are a few things we think you should consider. 

First, are they used by other security companies to train their officers? Second, do they have a job board for potential placement? Third, how flexible are their scheduling? Fourth, do they have testimonials on their social media pages?  If every testimonial is positive that should serve as a red flag that they are fake. 

It is important that these questions are answered before you go to that school.  There is another thing you may want to consider, which for many is a deciding factor, price. Because you may be risking the quality of training for your position in exchange for a few dollars.  That could put you in harm’s way if you get into a situation where you do not know how to handle yourself or result in legal action against you and the company you represent.


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