Are you ready to be armed?

Once you make the decision to qualify to be an armed security officer you must be ready. If you have never fired a weapon and this is your first time being introduced to a handgun you may want to consider a few things.

There is a massive responsibility to carrying a firearm.  Your temperament regarding this must be one that no matter the situation you are fully aware of the laws, rules, and regulations when wielding a weapon.  Can you handle being shot at? If an attack happens while on duty and the suspect turns his weapon on you can you shoot back?  Are you ready to use a firearm to defend others?  Did you know that Security Officers are in most cases the first responders to events at their work sites? 

Do not let the lure of more money per hour be the deciding factor to becoming an armed officer. Being armed carries a responsibility most people can not handle.  Training facilities will tell you to do it because they make money when you take the class. The Brantly Corporation warns against this because each time an officer must wield a weapon each bullet that leaves the chamber is a liability, not only for the officer but the company as well. Deadly Force must be justified by law, not by what YOU feel.


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