How much will it cost?

For those seeking security officers to protect their businesses, gated communities, and events, cost is certainly a major factor in deciding what company to hire.  There are a few things you must consider when making the final decision.  They are: 

  • How the firm bills for services rendered: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?
  • Is there a necessity to have an armed officer over an unarmed officer?
  • Do you want uniform officers visible as a deterrent or plain clothed officer in a responsive capacity?
  • What other services can the security firm provide you as a client?
  • What level of training does the officer have, is he or she prior Law Enforcement or Military, and to what level of interpersonal skills do they have? 

These are just a few questions that should be easily answered by the security firm you choose to hire for your business or facility. 


If you need help with security and need armed or unarmed officers go to go to or find us on Facebook.  We can act as consultants or your security firm.