Private Investigations

Private Investigations

The Brantly Corporation provides security and  professional private investigation services since 1988.  We are a proven resource for corporations, attorneys and individuals seeking information on matters detrimental to their security, legal case and safety of their employees.

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What does a private investigator do?

Brantly Corporation investigators cover a wide range of work due to our years of experience in law enforcement. Common work for a private investigator includes:

Investigating an individual such as a spouse or partner suspected of cheating or a person suing you for a bogus injury.

Finding an individual who owes you money and left town.

Locating objects such as stolen property.

Investigating crime such as in-house theft for a business or a home invasion of an individual.

Background checks for potential new employees or others.

Setting up surveillance equipment and monitoring including GPS monitoring.

Case research for attorneys.

The Brantly Corporation has a proven track record of providing elite investigation services to our clients.  If you are in need of our services contact us immediately at 407 850 2131
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